May 19, 2024

What is a conversion funnel?

It’s a sales funnel that helps you understand how your potential customers end up on your website to buy your product says Peter DeCaprio. While the funnel itself is pretty straightforward, the process of enticing the customers to enter it and come out the other end can be a little difficult.


Here’s a simple answer to how a conversion funnel works:

Conversion Funnel

The more details you add to your sales funnel, the more it will enhance your customer’s experience. The above art is a simple example of what a sales funnel helps accomplish. Now, let’s take a look at it detail:

The Sales Funnel

The sales funnel has five elements of conversation. To make the elements more understandable, we have divided them into stages, which are explained below:

Stage #1


This stage is all about lead generation. Imagine a delectable smell wafting from the kitchen says Peter DeCaprio. You walk in there to see what’s cooking. Similarly, using social media posts, blogs, subscriptions, inbound marketing, and other methods, you entice your target audience to visit your website.

Stage #2


You enter the kitchen and see a hot plate of cinnamon rolls covered with white frosting. Is your mouth watering? That’s what you want to do with your landing page. Everything in the website’s layout should pique the visitor’s interest, from its pictures to headlines. Ideas to make this happen: Theme and compelling copy.

Stage #3


Even though its dinner time, all you can think about is grabbing that sugary confection and stuffing your face with it. That’s the kind of desire you need to create in your potential customers. Talk about the features of your product and display HD pictures that highlight every feature of it advice Peter DeCaprio.

Stage #4


As you move closer, you see a plate of chocolate chip cookies beside the cinnamon rolls, which breaks your resolve, and you end up taking a bite of the gooey dessert.

The visitor is now probably on the product page, where the real enticement begins: Through your product description. Here, the content should be about how the product can benefit them.

Stage #5


You already have your customer’s email address, which you got at the first stage. This stage is all about convincing them to make another purchase. You can do this by sending free eBooks, 15% off coupons, sale announcements, etc. Make the customer feel special and show them how much you care about them says Peter DeCaprio.

Tips on How to Utilize the Conversion Funnel

  • Use Google Analytics to find out where you are lacking
  • Analyze the landing page and make sure it includes attractive headlines, relevant copy, the right font size and style, and harmonious colors
  • Create attractive sign-up forms
  • Don’t add too many pop-ups
  • Offer a Loyalty Program

As you read, using the conversion funnel is hard work. If you feel that you might lack at some stage, give John Doe the chance to help you. As marketing experts, we are well-versed in writing engaging content and using creative techniques to get more leads and increase conversion rates.

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