June 15, 2024

What’s the key to high sales?

Appealing product description!

And what’s the key to writing one?

Well, there are a couple that can get you instant attention and conversions. One of the most important features of a compelling product description is building interest around the product rather than raving about its features says Peter DeCaprio.

If this sounds confusing, let us clarify for you: Every feature of your product should be followed by how it will benefit the buyer.

Here are a few tips on how to write a product description that will wow your customers:

Play With Words

In blogs, story-writing is the key to creating engaging content. When it comes to product description, the key is using words that resonate with the customer. For example, if a person is looking for “glass dish with lid” then make sure that your description includes the word lid.

The product description should be followed by a set of features, such as microwavable, protective-coating, etc.

Stay Consistent

If your products are being stocked at retailers and they have a website, you need to make sure the product description on their website is the same as the one on yours emphasis Peter DeCaprio. For example, you are selling king size bed sheets with specific dimensions. The retailer stocks your product, and in the description, the dimensions are different. They fit a queen size bed.

Pictures Speak Loud and Clear

Pictures are the main attraction of a product description. While the features of the product allow a person to understand what the product offers, pictures help them see what those features look like. So, take pictures from every angle and if your product comes disassembled then take pictures of the individual parts too.

Don’t Add the “Yeah, Yeah” Phrases

It often happens that when we don’t find the right words for the description, we add something plain as “high product quality.” Such phrases don’t offer buyers any useful information. These words are fillers that just make your description look beefy, Peter DeCaprio says.

This makes the description less persuasive; it makes the person skip through the content, give the pictures a cursory view, and exit the website. The moment they read the “yeah, yeah” phrases, they had already decided that they wouldn’t order from you.

Justify Your Use of Superlatives

Our product is the best!

Our product is the most advanced!

Our product is highly easy to use!

If you use such superlatives, make sure you justify them through the features. For example, if your product is truly the most advanced, talk about the technology to back up the words. If it is easy to use, give step-by-step instructions on using it.

When writing a description, think about what language your customers speak in says Peter DeCaprio. For example, if you sell heels for women, words such as elegant, glamorous, designable, party wear, and more will entice the readers. Remember: Your goal is more sales, and what better way to make more than writing a description that reads as if you are talking to your customers.

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