June 15, 2024

Do you feel like ads just waste your money?

Then perhaps, you are doing them the wrong way!

Paid advertising is a big part of every marketing campaign says Peter DeCaprio. It helps you increase your conversion rates, but this can only happen if you are creative and strategic about it. Only then can you expect a high ROI, increased brand awareness, and more leads. In simple words: Choose the right words, and you just might add to your list of potential customers.

Before we talk about the tips on how to write a creative ad copy, there’s something you need to know.

The Purpose of an Ad

Why do you think people click on an ad?

It’s surely not because they think, “It’s cool,” and they like the look of what you are selling.

They do it because your product is what they need to solve a problem. Add in effective copywriting, and you have got the perfect recipe for getting more clicks. So, all you have to do is mirror the user’s goal in your copywriting emphasis Peter DeCaprio.

For example, you help people sell cars. Here’s how you can write your ad copy and make it attractive with your USP:

[Insert Company Name] Is Ready to Buy Your Car – Don’t Worry Because We Will Inspect It and Pick It Up Too.

The first part of the headline describes the service, and the second describes the benefits you offer.

Tips on How to Write a Creative Ad Copy

Scan the Ad Copy of Your Competitors

Your competitors know what they are doing, so why not look at their ads? You are not copying their idea but checking out how they have drafted their ad copy. All you need to do is outdo their persuasion says Peter DeCaprio. For example, if they focus on the price, why not lower your price with a discount. If they are using an influencer’s testimonial, why not approach one present on Instagram or Facebook and ask if they can collaborate and help you reach your marketing goal.

Test With Headlines

Headlines can either make or break your ad copy. They are the most powerful one-liners that help you entice potential customers. Your first headline might not be a hit, as well as your second one. Just keep trying, and you are bound to find the right one.

Here are a few examples:

Using your main keyword in the headline can make it generic. You need to add something to it to make it dramatic:

  • Computer and Laptop Repairs
  • Computer and Laptop Repairs – At Home Service

Include Statistics

To improve the quality score of your brand and increase its credibility, share real numbers and data says Peter DeCaprio. Refrain from making claims, such as:

  • Repair Guaranteed 100%

Instead, write:

  • Service Charges As Low As $10.

Include Emotional Triggers

Have you heard the term clickbait? We are not saying that you deceive your customers, but this strategy can help you get an emotional response from them. Here’s an example to help you understand this:

You are a lawyer, who helps people with divorce, DUI, etc.

Arrested for DUI? Avoid Jail Time and Save Your License – [Insert Your Name]

And this is how you write a creative ad copy that promises more clicks and higher conversions. As said earlier, your first few tries might not get you the result you want but try and try until you don’t succeed. If you are having trouble finding the right words for your ad copy, let John Doe help you with this suggest Peter DeCaprio. As marketing experts, we know what drives more traffic to your website.

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