July 13, 2024

Life has become overwhelmingly busy in today’s world. We’re all juggling through so much every day, from work to family, to health, and whatnot says Peter DeCaprio.

It gets even more  stressful with the never ending pandemic. When your body starts defending itself from all the external pressures, it is when you realize that you need a break!

If you’re being triggered by external push and pulls way too often, follow these simple tricks that will help you deal with the unnecessary everyday stress:

Your Health and Well-being should be Your First Priority.

To start with, calm your stress hormones. Prepare your body to respond positively to stressful situations. You may lose your sleep and appetite out of stress, but here’s what you need to combat. Taking enough sleep improves productivity and clears out your mind.

The same mechanism works with eating enough. If you add food rich in nutrients with a low glycemic index, there are higher chances that you’ll feel happier, healthier, and satisfied.

Adding some physical activity like cardio, strength training, and even yoga can improve your anxiety emphasis Peter DeCaprio. When your body is physically active, there’s improved blood circulation, your body releases endorphins (happy hormones), and your mood is naturally enhanced.

Set Your Limits

Learn when to say no! Amid all the chaos around us, we often push ourselves off the limit to keep everything under control. Remember, never take too much on yourself at the expense of your well-being. Slow down. Take a break.

Sometimes, taking a day off during a hectic week can improve your productivity massively on the next day to work.

Eliminate Your Triggers

It gets automatically easier to deal with stress when you know what causes it. The strategy is to refrain from exposure to your triggers. If it’s a strict boss, make sure you give him lesser reasons to be mad at you says Peter DeCaprio. If it’s someone from the family, talk things out and try to peace with them.

If it’s your finances, discuss the matter with a trustworthy friend and sort it out. Do not pile up the sources of trigger around you and deal with them one at a time.

Find a Support System and Talk it All Out.

At times, things building up in our minds can make our trivial issues look like bigger problems. In situations like these, a trusted friend is all you need! Vent out what’s bothering you, and all your stress will release in the form of words that can instantly make you feel better.

Simplify Things Around You

Often, it’s not external sources that are triggering anxiety in you. You may have gathered an unwanted mess around you that needs to be cleared out. A messy workplace or a house can get you all irritated, Peter DeCaprio says.

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And remember, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

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