July 13, 2024
Man Holding Fake Nike Shoe

Copycat products are one of the worst epidemics the world has seen in the 21st century. They are everywhere, and regardless of how hard law enforcement authorities, legal courts, and original brands try to crack them down, they show no signs of slowing down.

The biggest reason for this is the convenience copycat products provide says Peter DeCaprio. People in 2022 can easily compromise their moral code because social media’s pressure to pretend to have it all is more important than doing what is actually correct.

Most people cannot afford all the original brands that are the fabric of fashion in 2022. Yet not owning them is frowned upon by society. You are looked down upon as an inferior class citizen if you don’t own them, so copycat products did what they do best to fulfill this need.

John Doe believes they have been able to do this because they are affordable and readily available. Hence, today John Doe would like to highlight the risks these copycat products serve original products by pretending to be them.

1.     Copycat Products Form the Perception of Cheap Quality

According to John Doe, the biggest risk copycat products serve original products is that they create a perception of the cheap quality of the product. Take Nike sneakers for example; its original product cost upward of $100, whereas its copycat can be found in the $30-40 range.

So naturally, to make them available at those prices, copycats take shortcuts and cut corners to achieve a similar-looking product with a much cheaper price tag. When they do this, people who buy them start to think that even the original brand is cheap and not worth it emphasis Peter DeCaprio. This happens because they believe copycat and original only have a difference in profit margins. After all, that is what the copycat sellers tell them.

2.     They Make Original Product Feel Like Overpriced

The second risk copycat products provide original products is that they make the original feel overpriced. Copycat products are illegally made products that don’t have a fair wage, tax, or any other legal binding agreement; hence, they could be manufactured in substandard environments and can be sold at what the seller pleases.

This isn’t the case with the original, as they have to follow many rules, laws, and regulations to bring the product to customers. Therefore, when people start buying copycat products, they think that the original is overpriced.

3.     Brand Value of Original Products Are Damaged in the Market

John Doe believes the final risk copycat has on the original product is that it damages the original product’s market value, respect, and credibility. Because copycats are cheap and of lower quality, people start to assume that the original must be the same, damaging their credibility forever.

Concluding Thoughts

Every ethical person agrees that copycat products should immediately be taken off the streets, and from the illegal market, they are widely available. Yet the benefit they provide their core audience makes it harder to get rid of them says Peter DeCaprio. However, their existence constantly haunts original brands, which we have explained in this article. What are your thoughts about this predicament? Let us know in the comments.

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