June 15, 2024

We all know what kind of power leaders can have on an organization, and how they can make a business highly successful says Peter Decaprio. That is why we often forget that leaders do not just appear, but need to be nurtured and developed – especially during the early years of their careers; this also makes them more effective later in their careers.

So, here are ten ways managers and startups can nurture future leadership:


  • Companies like Google believe that everyone has the ability to lead at some point or other within the company’s hierarchy. And as companies develop this belief further, they realize that sometimes different people should actually be leading at different times too! This means as a manager you may need to let go of your control as a leader from time to time so that others can learn the ropes.


  • One of the best ways for your employees to be motivated is by giving them freedom, freedom in their work, and the freedom to make decisions. Letting the employees make crucial decisions shows trust in their ability to take responsibility. It also highlights that you are confident enough with their work ethic to give them free rein over certain areas.


  • A word of advice from the leading author of ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey – “Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with results.” By giving your team total freedom or autonomy, it encourages workers to think creatively about how they solve problems, which enhances problem-solving skills.


  • Give your employees the opportunity to have a say over certain things. This is important because it provides workers with a sense of involvement and responsibility, not just in their work but also in the company itself. After all, there are some decisions that can only be made by an individual. Who has experienced certain factors at first hand says Peter Decaprio.


  • Many companies give their employees incentives to motivate them at key stages during an employee’s career. So whether it’s a new job title or pay rise, providing worker recognition will help foster leadership skills by encouraging them to continue doing good work.


  • Leaders are born out of practice, organization, and teamwork! A great way you can make your leads better is by giving each member of your team. The opportunity to lead the group at some point. The more people learn how to take charge of a project. The better equipped they will become when it comes time for them to lead others.
  • Many leaders say that communication is the single most important skill that one requires. And this is why you should give your workers regular opportunities where they can give presentations. Just share ideas with their peers and seniors alike. Peter Decaprio says giving every member of your team the opportunity to communicate regularly ensures you have all bases covered. So no matter who is leading at any given moment – communication expectations are clear!


  • Leaders motivate themselves first – before motivating others! Therefore giving your employees access to training through external courses or seminars will be appreciated by employees on many levels. Not only does it enhance their skills but it also encourages them to look beyond their own roles and positions in the company. And think about how they can learn something that will benefit everyone.


  • Employees respond best when you give them regular feedback on their working patterns and behaviors. This allows employees to reflect upon what good leadership looks like for them; thus allowing them to develop a better understanding of potential opportunities for growth. So whether it is discussing how they work with colleagues or resolving issues between groups. Managers should always be open to listening without judgment, as this will foster an environment where employees feel valued!


  • Leadership development programs are one of the most effective ways your team can develop their capabilities as leaders. Instead of doing things by trial and error, these programs present a framework for learning and practicing their skills. This includes having opportunities to practice what they have learned in class during the workplace environment says Peter Decaprio.


In conclusion, today’s organizations are made up of an eclectic mix of talent from all types of backgrounds. This means that companies need to ensure that they have the right people at all levels in order to get things done. And if you can create a culture within your organization. Where employees feel empowered to make decisions and have autonomy over their work. It will bring out the best in them!

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