May 19, 2024

If you’re starting a startup business website, then you’ll need to know about the best ways to promote it for free or better still at little cost says Peter Decaprio. Yes that’s right there are numerous ways that will enable you generate interest in your products or services without spending a single penny!!

Here are 10 tips for promoting your new startup business website – some may not work for everyone but they have been tested and found them to be extremely effective…

TIP 1: Make use of Social Bookmarking sites –

By all means these are ‘not’ an alternative to PR, however social bookmarking sites can help boost awareness about your website/products/services etc. To make use of social bookmarking sites the best idea is to register with as many as you can.

When submitting your site/products/services etc ensure that it is a relevant, high quality and ‘non spammy’ link. In other words don’t submit a list of 10 or 20 links to your website repeatedly.

TIP 2: Blogging –

Now this may not work for everyone but certainly blogging about new products will help generate interest about an upcoming release enabling people to sign up to a newsletter which in turn increases exposure for new releases…a win-win situation!

In the case of launching a new startup business, blogging about how it all began from nobody knowing who you were through registering at Companies House right through to developing your products/services etc is something that should interest people explains Peter Decaprio.

TIP 3: Make use of social sites –

For example, if you’re launching a new startup business then creating an account at LinkedIn would not only help capture visitors but also be beneficial for business to business contact. Similarly Twitter and Facebook are the other main social sharing type sites which could prove fruitful for promoting your new website…

TIP 4: Use Directories –

By signing up with various websites (many will accept free listings) where your site can be found via search engines like Google & Yahoo will certainly increase traffic through to your site; after all, these niche directories are designed for generating high quality relevant traffic!

TIP 5: Pay for Advertising?

Not really… If you think about it, most advertisers will only pay for traffic. And as such they don’t not necessarily care whether the visitor makes a purchase or not. This means that Paid advertising opportunities maybe ‘not’ an optimal way. Of promoting your new website against other effective free methods.

TIP 6: Participate in Forums –

By joining various forums around the internet related to your products etc. You would be able to submit posts with links back to your site; again this is great because these are highly targeted communities.

TIP 7: Make use of RSS feeds –

You should sign up for RSS feeds related to the niche which your business operates…this could be done by creating accounts at allthetopics/feedster…you get my drift!

These are just a few ideas that you can put into practice. However if the business idea is good then you should be able to come up with several other ways. Which I’m sure would help bring traffic via various free methods as opposed. To spending money on advertising says Peter Decaprio.

In summary it’s about doing your research and I guarantee. That all of this will take time but trust me it WILL be worth it. If you’re struggling for ideas simply join various forums related to your niche and I can almost guarantee. That people will ask for certain products or services etc, therefore enabling you capture their email address!!

Finally confident in yourself? Then use allthetopics/feedster…it works brilliantly!


You really need to research your chosen subject area and think about what people want. Where they hangout online and how you can best promote your site/products etc. These 7 points will help but it may be difficult for a ‘newbie’. So if the product/service is good enough then you can build up traffic via word of mouth.

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