July 13, 2024

In the coming years, new technologies, disruptive innovation, and a quickly-evolving business landscape will change our workforce more than anything we’ve ever seen. It’s a time of great uncertainty that requires leaders to be bolder and more agile than ever before says Peter Decaprio. And companies that hope to keep pace with accelerating change – or even get ahead of it – have some critical thinking to do on how their leadership teams need to evolve in order to thrive in 2022.

Here are 8 Ways to Be a Better Leader in 2022:

1. Lead from Anywhere:

In the last five years alone, remote work has been growing at an impressive clip, especially among millennials who want greater flexibility in when and where they work. But besides being able to collaborate across distances and time zones, the best talent wants work with meaning, projects that are meaningful and a company culture where the employees’ work truly makes an impact. A successful leader will focus on what can be done from anywhere to make an even bigger impact on customers, communities and the world.

2. Inspire Creative Collaboration:

To get things done in a rapidly changing landscape, we all need to bring our best ideas and thinking every day – regardless of title or hierarchy. Leaders must inspire us to think deeply and creatively about how we do our jobs and what we bring to the table to move our business forward. By encouraging everyone in an organization to become more innovative, leaders will unleash massive value for their companies while creating a positive working environment that attracts top talent across multiple generations.

3. Ask for Help:

Great leaders are confident enough to ask questions, admit what they don’t know and secure expert advice from their team members. By building up the trust of those around them, people want to work with them and seek out their advice even when they aren’t asked. And that makes it easier to achieve important goals without having to do it alone explains Peter Decaprio.

4. Lead by Example:

There’s a reason old school leadership is dying off – no one likes being told what to do all the time or how they need to change in order to meet some set standard. A successful leader will be someone who isn’t afraid to try things differently. Experiment with new ideas and create better ways of doing things on their own. And if they make mistakes, great leaders will admit them, learn from them and do better next time.

5. Act Bravely:

We are all facing enormous changes, including the loss of jobs to automation, AI, and robotics. Which means we need to be braver than ever before to take risks. Think creatively about how we can continue to perform at our best for organizations moving forward. Leaders should look at their teams and ask what it takes to empower everyone in the organization. Regardless of role or title – so that each person is confident taking smart risks. And trying new things even when they aren’t sure if they’ll work out.

6. Balance Optimism with Pragmatism:

It’s important for leaders to maintain a positive outlook but they need to be balanced by pragmatism. Great leaders won’t allow themselves or others to fall into the trap of thinking everything is perfect when it’s clearly not. Because that’s how you miss opportunities for growth and give up on big dreams before even trying them out. Peter Decaprio says successful leaders will help build confidence in their team. Inspire us to move forward with optimism despite our fears. And do what needs to be done to seize new possibilities and opportunities as they arise.

7. Embrace Failure:

Twenty years ago, we might have said that failure should be avoided at all costs. But today we know better – it leads directly to success. The best companies empower employees through safe” work environments where people are supported, not shamed or punished for taking risks. By encouraging everyone to try out new ideas without fear of judgment or criticism. Leaders are setting up their organizations for greater success in the long term.

8. Unlock Passion:

The human connection can be elusive at work. Sometimes our passions aren’t always encouraged by an organization’s culture explains Peter Decaprio. But great leaders understand that people perform better when they love what they do. So they take time to really learn about what drives each team member. And how to support them in bringing those passions into their everyday work. It’s also important to share high-level goals with employees so that every person has a greater sense of purpose. And understands how his or her small part plays into something bigger than them.”


Leadership has changed dramatically over the last several years. And it will continue to evolve as long as we have organizations. But if great leaders embrace these practices, they can stay ahead of change. Create a strong connection with their teams and help society move forward in a positive direction.

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