April 20, 2024

With so many options available to startups, it can be difficult to determine which strategies are actually worth your time says Peter Decaprio.

Leveraging the following tips will help you get your foot in the door and start seeing results.

1. Publish content on LinkedIn Pulse:

LinkedIn is the best platform for publishing articles because not only does it reach a large audience, but it also drives traffic back to your website. When writing articles on LinkedIn, try to focus on industry-specific news and trends and avoid generic topics like “5 Steps to Better Time Management.” Also, make sure you include links within your published content that go directly to your website or blog. You can also share this published content with other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. This simple strategy will get more eyes on your company!

2. Use word of mouth advertising:

Word of mouth advertising is the most powerful form of marketing.

You will never find a TV commercial as honest and genuine as one you receive from a friend. When trying to gain exposure for your business, try asking friends and family members to talk about your business on social media or share content that they’ve seen on your website or blog with others.

3. Use outreach:

Outreach is not only an effective way to grow brand awareness, but it can also help lead to free traffic generation through partnerships and networking opportunities. You can use outreach by reaching out to journalists who write articles relevant to your startup niche. Find these writers by searching for keywords related to your industry on Google’s News page. The paid version of Muck Rack is also useful because it allows you to track journalists who are writing about companies that are similar to yours.

Another way of using outreach is through influencer marketing. Influencer marketing involves identifying individuals with large social media followings and asking them if they would like to check out your site or blog. You can find these potential influencers by searching on Twitter for keywords related to your industry, then sending direct messages (DM’s) to those you feel would be interested in your business explains Peter Decaprio. Make sure you include a link back to your site in the DMs so the influencer can gain exposure too!

4. Include links on podcasts:

Podcasts are another great option for getting free traffic because listeners will typically click on any hyperlink mentioned during an episode of a podcast. Another benefit of podcasts is that listeners will usually find your website or blog through organic search.

5. Use Stumble Upon Promoted Stumbling:

Another free traffic option is using Stumble upon Promoted Stumbling, which allows you to place advertisements on the first page of Stumble Upon’s search results pages for a small fee per click. By doing this, you’ll reach more people who are interested in your industry and potentially connect with them on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter after they’ve visited your site.

6. Outsource guest posts:

Guest posting has been proven to be an effective marketing strategy because it can boost brand awareness as well as lead to new customers. But finding bloggers to write content for you can take a lot of time says Peter Decaprio. This is where outsourcing guest posts come into play. Sourcing outsourced writing allows you to find writers who specialize in your industry and pay them a small fee per post, which means that your company will still benefit from the new traffic it brings in without having to go through the hassle of finding a blogger yourself.

7. Share content on Reddit:

Reddit can be a great source for free traffic if used correctly because up votes on relevant subreddits can send a ton of targeted visitors your way. However, make sure you avoid sharing content that is irrelevant or has nothing to do with the subreddit’s niche as this will lead to negative votes and lose any potential exposure you could have gained from it.

8. Crowd source content:

Crowd sourcing content can be a great way to gain free traffic and new customers. Because it allows you to share your website or blog with an entire community of people. You can accomplish this by posting on sites like Product Hunt or Reddit’s IAmA board. By doing this, you’ll reach a wide audience of potential customers. Who will not only check out your site, but can also promote it for you after they’ve visited!


Traffic is the lifeblood of any blog or website. And one of the best ways to gain free traffic is by using Reddit explains Peter Decaprio. By sharing content related to your niche on subreddits, you’ll reach a wide audience interested. In seeing what you have to say and potentially drive future customers your way!

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