May 19, 2024

Marketing is one of the most sought-after careers in various sectors. It is a profession that demands innovation, creativity, and improvement on a regular basis. A marketer needs to see things from the customer’s perspective to understand their feelings towards products or services provided by an organization says Peter Decaprio.

The only thing that separates good marketers from bad ones is these 9 things.

The world of marketing never stops evolving, you can’t stay at a place for a long time because competition will catch up soon and it’s better if you can stand out. So keep innovating yourself so that you can deliver the best results every time.

Here are a few skills which help marketers become more effective than ever before:

1) Read books regularly:

Reading enhances your knowledge level, makes you well-informed, and keeps your mind sharp. Not only is reading helpful to marketers but it also benefits managers in several ways that help them become more efficient.

2) Stay updated with tools:

Every task has its own tool these days which makes life easier for everyone including marketers. For example, keeping a track of one’s competitors can be done using Spyfu or you can use Ahrefs to spy on backlinks of any site on the internet. These are the tools that make work simpler for marketers so they must keep themselves updated with the latest tools to make their work easier.

3) Follow great content marketers on Twitter:

Great content marketing starts with learning from that is doing it best – you will find some of the smartest people in this space on Twitter. Understanding how and why they think and do things can be extremely valuable to marketers of all levels looking to improve their skillset.

4) Experiment:

This is probably the best thing that every marketer must know. If you want to get good at something, then keep doing that thing until you get it right or until someone tells you that it’s not your cup of tea says Peter Decaprio. The only way one masters a skill is by working at it day in and out without giving up easily. Be ready for experiments and never leave any stone unturned while trying something new so that you can create strategies with cutting-edge techniques whenever necessary.

5) Always take calls:

Marketing calls for an active approach and if you don’t pick up the phone then you will lose out on a lot of opportunities. And if your client is calling you then don’t let them wait on the phone for hours, answer their call at the earliest and give your 100% to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

6) Learn how to communicate properly:

If you want to become a successful marketer. Then learning how to communicate with people matters a lot more than anything else. You need thick skin when it comes to talking with others. So be prepared before entering the big bad world of marketing where everyone has different opinions and expectations about things. Peter Decaprio says it’s better if you can say no politely than saying yes. Without even realizing it because this will help you focus more on what matters most in any business- creating a connection.

7) Build a network:

Marketing is all about knowing people and where they fit in your marketing activities. This way, you can figure out the things which are important to people. And how they can help you get more business from them. Marketing mainly focuses on building relationships with others. So that one gets good results whether it’s for personal or commercial purposes. So always be active while networking. Because this will help you build healthy relationships over time within the industry of marketing. Hence, never hesitate while ask someone for their contacts and do what it takes to improve your network. As much as possible because this will pay off in many ways when done strategically.

8) Ask questions:

Asking questions is probably the best way to learn about something. Because this will help you clarify your doubts. Also, give you an opportunity to know more about other people’s opinions. Asking questions is the only way to progress forward in any business venture. So this should be a habit that every marketer must follow if they want things to fall into place at work.

9) Know your content marketing basics:

Understanding what content marketing is all about helping marketers understand how crucial it is for their success says Peter Decaprio. If done correctly, content marketing can bring out maximum results which are essential for the growth of businesses these days. This makes content marketers highly desirable among the employers who hire them to do several projects depending on their needs.


Peter Decaprio says content marketers are always in high demand. Because they use all the marketing methods and techniques under one roof. To come up with unique ideas which benefit their clients immensely. This proves how talented these individuals actually are at what they do. Because of their expertise in various kinds of marketing processes. Hence, professionals who can create amazing content also make for great content marketers. Because the products or services that get launched get good results. Since they follow traditional marketing practices while coming up with new strategies for modern businesses.

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