June 15, 2024

The lead generation funnel is a simple flow that helps you get leads into your business explains Peter Decaprio.

With this tool, you can ask for contact details in exchange for free information of value to the prospect, which will, later on, turn into paying customers.  Using this type of setup will bring more leads to your company, thereby increasing sales.

Here are the 9 ways to use a sales funnel for lead generation:

1 Launch an e-book or blog post series on your website.

The best way of starting out is by giving away valuable content on your site about how to deal with specific problems in mind. It could be anything from career advice to weird habits that actually work! Then attach an opt-in form at the end inviting them to receive emails with future free content. An e-book or blog can give value upfront before asking for something in return.

2 Create a product that gives information about the problem you are targeting.

Ever wonder why Facebook is always asking you questions? They know that if they ask for something now, such as your birth date and favorite color, then later on when they want your money, such as subscribing to their monthly premium service, it will seem like less of a commitment because you’re already connected. The same strategy goes with an online sales funnel: Give away valuable free information so people can relate and trust you more before handing over their contact details and asking them to buy something from you says Peter Decaprio.

3. Use pop-ups

People like to stay in control, but they also make impulsive decisions when needed (such as buying food when they’re hungry). Putting a pop-up on your website that catches the eyes of the visitors and redirects them to another page with an opt-in form is a great way to generate leads. Make sure you give good reasons why your prospects should sign up and enhance friction by asking for their contact details and not just email addresses (and always offer something in return such as a free e-book or webinar ticket).

4. Host an online webinar or Google Hangout series.

Online events are great ways to drive engagement and interest among your audience as well as raise brand awareness. They can be about anything such as a panel discussion, presentations from guest speakers, live workshops, and more. At the end of each event, ask for an opt-in before sending them back to your website; then follow up with emails that continue to engage potential buyers into purchasing something.

5. Offer free consulting calls.

A quick consultation call with someone who is looking for expert advice about their business can be enticing enough for them to give out their contact details in exchange (and I know this because I did it). Make sure you offer some kind of incentive if they make it through the entire call by asking questions and seeing past the first 5 minutes, such as giving away another free webinar ticket or sharing how you solved their problem on social media (to raise brand awareness).

6. Host a free webinar – Peter Decaprio

You can use the same strategy in #4 but instead of having one guest speaker, you will have several speakers on stage answering related questions about your topic. A word of advice: Keep it short and sweet, anywhere from 20-90 minutes. You want to leave enough time for open Q&A at the end because people love sharing their opinions when they know that others are listening—plus getting feedback is a great way to improve upon your product or business.

7. Offer something irresistible in exchange for an email address.    

This method works best if you already have some substantial following on social media or regular blog readership. Offer them something in return for signing up to your list. For instance, you can give away an e-book that has 5 pages of valuable tips about your product or service in exchange for their contact details. Make sure the e-book is something they will want to read because it’s not always easy to get people to sign up on a list if there is no incentive involved.

8. Start with retargeting ads across multiple platforms.

If you have ever seen banner ads on social media sites before. Then you are already familiar with this method of generating leads. Create custom audience lists using Facebook Custom Audiences or Google Ad Words Conversion Tracking Pixel. And then use them as targets on specific marketing campaigns on each platform. Where you are marketing your services/products (i.e., Facebook Ads, Google Ad Words, and YouTube Ads).

9. Promote offers through apps such as Push Crew.

Push Crew makes it super easy to schedule posts across all social media platforms at once. Saving both time and increasing efficiency thanks to smart automation features. The best part about Push Crew is that it allows you to create custom campaigns. And then use them again and again instead of creating new campaigns over and over. This is a huge time saver if you have been using their app for a while. And have been successful with previous campaigns.


As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to generate leads and these aren’t the only ones says Peter Decaprio. I’m sure that there are other creative methods out there. But what you NEED to take away from this article is that generating leads using your website. Should be one of the main goals every business owner puts on their list. Because it’s through a good lead generation that businesses grow.

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