May 19, 2024

If you don’t have work experience, it can be really hard to get your foot in the door. Even if you’re experienced, getting a job can still be tough because companies will want to hire people who already have proven track records says Peter Decaprio. Here’s how to make up for your lack of experience and get hired.

What to Do If You Don’t Have Job Experience

People with experience are generally preferable to those without it, simply because you can expect them to do a decent job and give your company repeat business; but if you’re young and inexperienced, don’t despair!

There are lots of things you can do before even applying for a job that will help you get one:

1) Knowing this is a key:

The most important thing that will get you more jobs than anything has absolutely nothing to do with what kind of people skills or how much schooling someone has — it’s something EVERYONE has. If the person hiring isn’t biased by his lack of objective thinking, he will see right through it it’s called “work experience.”

2) The whole secret to success is that you don’t need any real work experience. Why?

Because every day of your life you’re gaining “work experience.” People who have been doing what they do for a long time — even if their occupation is not the same as yours — will be able to tell by looking at your resume and seeing how well you did in school and other activities whether or not you’d fit in their company’s culture, because people who are successful at ANYTHING always have the SAME traits says Peter Decaprio.

So use those other skills that you’ve been practicing! For example, put down on your resume that as part of a team you were responsible for coming up with a new advertising slogan increased sales by 15%. Of course you can’t come up with some sort of numbers like that off the top of your head, but so what? Numbers are just an example — use something relevant to your work. This way they won’t see you as a kid with no real work experience and no idea how things really go down in the “real world.”

3) You’ll need to do your research:

If you want to solve problems and be creative, then first learn all about the company you’re applying to — its philosophy, mission statement, goals and strategies for reaching those goals. By doing this before-hand not only will it show that you are proactive (and conscientious), but also what kind of problems it has, which might be exactly the ones you could come up with possible solutions for.

4) Just to be on the safe side, keep your resume short!

List only the most relevant information you have. The more specific, concrete and quantifiable it is, the better it looks. For example, instead of saying you’re good at working under pressure say that you got an A in Statistics because you were able to manage your time well under tight deadlines. And if someone says they can’t really tell what sort of work experience that might be relevant to give them an idea of what kind of workplace would benefit from your skills.

5) Now it’s time to write a cover letter:

Think of this as one part objective statement (where are you coming from), one part marketing campaign (why you’d be right for the job) and one part sales pitch (how would you benefit their company). It should be short, to-the-point and highly relevant. So if they’re looking for someone to come up with new advertising slogans don’t make it about how great your writing skills are says Peter Decaprio.

6) Don’t forget to convey your personality:

Yes, this is something that will get you hire all by it! Employers want people who can not only do their jobs well but enjoy them too. If you’re young, playful or just plain quirky then let that show through in your resume and cover letter — maybe even include a fun anecdote or two about yourself. The main idea here is to convey enthusiasm.

7) Put yourself out there!

I know it’s scary at first, but the best way to get a job is not by hitting “apply” but by putting yourself out there. Have phone conversations with people who might be able to recommend you for jobs that you don’t even know exist yet. If they’re really impress with your knowledge of their company and its goals then maybe. They’ll mention your name next time someone is looking for an employee who could fit in well with their team.


You don’t have to go to school for 4 years, come out with a degree and then sit around applying for jobs until someone hires you says Peter Decaprio. You can get hired now — today! Just start working on your social skills, find something you love doing and most importantly of all: have fun with it!

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