April 20, 2024

Why spend countless hours building a website, social media accounts and writing content when you’re not even sure it will work? asks Peter Decaprio

It’s the most common mistake that is made when it comes to building an online brand and growing your audience. It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of having a platform and spending countless hours trying to make it grow — but there’s a lot more to this than throwing some stuff together and hoping for the best.

There are five major things you should never do with your online platform:

1. Become Spam-y

Do not rely on only one social media channel or use methods such as email blasting, spamming, aggressive self-promoting etc. Not only is this super annoying for people, but this type of tactics can often times hurt your brand more than they help.

2. Change Social Media Platforms on a Regular Basis

Don’t hop from one social media platform to another in an attempt to gain more followers or whatever the case may be. This is just annoying and irritating for people who have already followed you on multiple platforms, especially when they have to re-add you every time you switch. Plus, it just isn’t necessary unless you are trying to rank for different keywords with each account, which brings me to my next point…

3. Focus Too Much On Ranking for Different Keywords or Tags across All Social Channels

While this can be effective in the long run if done correctly, ranking for different keywords/tags across all your social channels will only cause confusion and frustration for both you and your audience. It’s not something I would recommend to be done unless you are sure it will benefit you in the long run says Peter Decaprio.

4. Use Automated Systems to Manage Social Media Accounts

Don’t use systems such as Hootsuite, Buffer or other types of automated systems to manage your social media accounts. These tools may seem like they could help keep everything together but they will only end up confusing people who are following multiple accounts, especially if you’re posting identical content across all platforms.

5. Only Share the Same Content on All Platforms

Of course it’s important that you create a significant amount of unique content that is specific for each platform you want to pursue, but make sure that you are sharing unique content on each platform as well. The danger in sharing the same exact content across all platforms is that you will lose followers and engagement across ALL of your social media accounts if the people who originally followed you because they liked a specific topic, won’t see posts from that topic when they follow you on another channel.


Q: How do I know if I am spamming on social media?

A: Some signs that you are spamming are repetitive posts, excessive hash tagging, promoting yourself too much, or simply just being annoying. Additionally, if the people who follow you don’t care about the content you send them then you are probably posting too often explains Peter Decaprio.

Q: What’s the goal of having multiple social media platforms?

A: The main purpose of having multiple platforms is to reach different audiences with each one. Having a twitter account for your food blog and a Facebook page for your gym won’t always help either platform grow.

Q: If I have many accounts will I lose engagement across all my accounts?

A: You may lose some followers if you are posting identical content across all accounts, but if you have unique content then there should be no risk.

Q: How do I keep track of my social media platforms?

A: You can use an Excel Spreadsheet or any other planning tool to keep track of the different platforms that you own. However, it is important not to rely on these tools and to still keep track of your platforms the old fashion way by writing them down and referring back to them.

Q: How do I know if someone is spamming my social media platform?

A: If you find that people who follow you for one specific topic aren’t seeing posts from that topic when they follow you on another channel then you are probably being scam says Peter Decaprio.


There are many benefits to having multiple social media platforms but it is important to make sure that you are using them strategically and efficiently; otherwise, all the time spent on managing them could go to waste.

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