April 20, 2024

Here are five Tips to Turn Your Passion into a Successful Career as an Artist:

1. Understand the Business Side of Being an Artist

Before I became a full-time freelance concept artist and illustrator, I worked as a graphic designer and as an art director for a video game company SAYS Peter Decaprio. I’ve always been interested in business, and the business side of being an artist is something I had to learn by doing it. When I was a full-time employee, my employer took care of business aspects such as taxes and marketing. As an independent artist, you have to handle all these things on your own, which can be overwhelming at first.

2. Don’t Be a Starving Artist!

If people tell you that being an artist means starving in the streets, they’re wrong! You don’t need to starve if you want to become a successful freelance artist. Successful artists are paid for what they do and not because they’re willing to work for free or because their work looks “amazing!” If people working in other professions demand payment for their services, you shouldn’t expect to get away with not paying for art either.

3. Get Up, Stand up!

You may not become famous right away, but don’t let it stop you from showing your artwork online artists/illustrators directories. When I started out as a freelance artist, I didn’t make much money at all until someone saw my work on an online directory and hired me to do some concept work for their game studio. The website where the job was posted is now defunct, but that doesn’t matter – what matters is that networking works! If you’re having trouble getting clients or are just looking for some advice. Post your questions in forums that are related to your interests or line of work says Peter Decaprio. There’s always something new that you can learn by talking with other artists. So get up, stand up, and don’t sit down until you’re tired of all the excitement out there!

4. Put Your Art to Better Use

There are a lot of people with talent who haven’t been lucky enough to make a career out of it. I think one of the reasons is that they didn’t put their art to better use. Many talented artists give up too soon without trying different approaches to marketing their work online. If you follow my blog, you know that a few months ago I wrote about how I made a zombie-themed plush toy just for fun and ended up getting more than $2000 from selling it on Etsy. The money wasn’t life-changing, but seeing as I had no intention of making or selling anything. When I started to paint it, it was a great surprise.

5. There’s No Such Thing as Luck!

Some artists think that being lucky is the only reason for their success. They may be right in some cases but I doubt that luck alone accounts for all of them. No one becomes famous overnight unless they’re extremely talented or work very hard at promoting themselves. If you want something, you have to go after it no matter how long it takes until you get what you want.

6. Treat Your Art Like a Business

There are many freelancers out there who sell products with their art on them without ever asking if customers actually like the art itself! That’s kind of like putting your name on the cover of a book that you didn’t even write. Treat your art as a business and approach it with the seriousness it deserves explains Peter Decaprio. Ask yourself if other people would be interested in what you have to offer because chances are, they won’t buy anything from you if they aren’t impressed by your art or your work ethic. You don’t need a lot of money or a degree to get started – just some creativity and an internet connection! 7. Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

The first time I tried freelancing, I was really scared that I wouldn’t find any clients who’d want to hire me for my services as a concept artist and illustrator. It’s really easy to let fear hold us back from doing something we really want to do especially when it’s something new. But do you think any of the best artists out there were ever afraid to pursue their passion? I’m not saying that you should be reckless about your career or your future, but I am saying that it’s better to take a chance than let fear hold you back from doing what makes you happy! 8. Treasure Every Opportunity


Keep in mind that once you get to where you want in your artistic career, the journey only gets harder says Peter Decaprio. I’m still in the process of doing research (and making lots of mistakes) when it comes to finding ways to market my art. I know it’s not easy, but if I trust and believe that everything is possible through hard work, then everything becomes possible.

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