May 19, 2024

Machine Learning is one of the most powerful technologies that can be used to solve problems in different fields says Peter DeCaprio. This technology has brought a positive change in our lives. We all are using many applications which make our work much easier than before, like Siri/Cortana (intelligent personal assistant), Google Translate (machine translation), Maps (real-time navigation), FaceBook (face detection and recognition) & Amazon (recommendation). With machine learning these types of problems have been solved easily. Machine Learning uses a huge amount of data to identify patterns and solve problems with accurate results. Understanding machine learning basics will give you an idea of which type of problem you could solve with this technology.

How To Various Types of Machine Learning and Real-Time Applications Like a Pro

Deep Learning is one of the most interesting types of machine learning. We all are familiar with this term which has become very popular among students, job seekers, and researchers recently. There are many approaches to solve problems with machine learning but deep learning is widely used these days. Because it can solve highly complex problems which other approaches cannot do that easily. Deep learning uses neural networks, which consist of multiple layers of neurons (artificial). Each layer helps in identifying features of data and due to this deep learning gives better results than previous methods.

Neural Network Classification:

In case you have a lot of text or numerical data then traditional classification algorithms may not help much. In such cases, we use a neural network for classification where each neuron has a weight associated with it. These weights are learned by the neural network during the training period. To identify which neuron fires for which type of data. Deep learning is widely used to solve big data problems like analyzing customer behavior, stock market analysis, etc.

Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning:

Any application which requires making decisions at every step can be solved. Deep learning or reinforcement learning explains Peter DeCaprio. For example, playing a game or controlling robots requires taking a decision at every step. Because these decisions affect future steps. Deep learning technology helps in both cases where it first learns all possible steps and later recommends the best step. According to the reward given by the user/system (as per goal).

Various Types of Machine Learning and Real-Time Applications like A Pro

Self-Driving Car:

One of the most interesting applications of deep learning is the self-driving car. Self-driving cars use deep learning to identify objects on roads, traffic signals & other vehicles on road. These cars have sensors that send information to the computer installed in the car for the decision-making process. Deep neural networks are in use to recognize surrounding objects. And finally based on these decisions one step ahead is taken by the car.

Real Time Applications with Machine Learning

In this article, I discussed some machine learning applications with real-time examples. Many more applications are also there but due to less knowledge, I can explain only a few types here. If you want to explore machine learning further then please follow up articles or online courses. Available for machine learning says Peter DeCaprio.

Here are some FAQs recently asked by many students:

Q1. How to learn machine learning from scratch?

If you want to learn from scratch then please follow up on courses available on Udacity. Coursera & Edx by top universities like Stanford, MIT, and CMU, etc which will give you an idea about all the basics of this technology. Also, I have discussed a course link below. Which is recently launching and provides much more useful content compared to other courses. Follow it and share your feedback in the comment section below. Because only sharing ideas won’t help others so would love to know your experience. With this course – “Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python And R In Data Science”.

Q2. What are the best books for machine learning?

There are many books available on machine learning. But “Python Machine Learning” is one of the best books to learn machine learning from scratch. The book is written by Sebastian Raschka, a computer science student from Michigan State University. And has been working as a data scientist since 2011. In this book, he mainly discusses major algorithms used in data science along with Python code for each algorithm. Which provides you enough support to implement these algorithms in your next project.

Q3. What are real world applications of machine learning?

Anything, where we need to make decisions at any step. Can solve using machine learning techniques like reinforcement learning, classification, regression, etc. For example, if we want to control a car then first it learns possible steps by itself. And based on this information it recommends the best possible step. This entire process is using machine learning & deep learning techniques.


In this article, we have discussed how deep learning technology is in use to solve problems in different fields. We have seen many real-time applications which are develope by using machine learning and also deep learning techniques. Peter DeCaprio says if you want to learn machine learning or have an interest in it then read my new book ‘ Machine Learning Mastery With Python ‘. It will give you hands-on experience with these techniques. With examples of machine learning tools, web scraping, and big data analysis.

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