May 19, 2024

What would be your career?

What type of business ideas interest you the most? Which area of finance interests you the most? asks Peter Decaprio

Jobs/careers that relate to business and finance are:

  • Accountant, Auditor, Banker, Broker, Business Strategist, Economist, Financial Analyst. Financial Planner, Investment Analyst. It can also include being a researcher for a company or corporation in the field of accounting and financial research. A good example is ‘Forensic Accountants’ who investigate financial irregularities. These could include investigating banks and other organizations involved in money laundering or taking bribes from criminals.’
  • Financial analysts study trends in different types of investments such as stocks bonds real estate especially if they think there might be a trend of a rise or fall in the prices of these investments.
  • A business strategist would study trends in different business areas and make plans for companies to get involved with, invest in or not be affected by them. They can also suggest new types of business that might be profitable.
  • Investment Analysts study trends about what type of investment might be popular at a particular time and how much they will appreciate in value over a period of time. They also submit reports which help other investors decide whether they should purchase shares from this company or not says Peter Decaprio. These include recommendations from analysts from brokerage houses who have been studying the performance of specific securities including stocks bonds mutual funds cash equivalents commodities derivatives options etc… In other words, if you are interested in career paths involving finance you have plenty of options.
  • Today, the most popular finance-related degree is ‘Accounting’ which can lead to either an accounting job or a career in finance. This includes careers as a financial analyst investment banker stockbroker etc…
  • To be an accountant one needs to have graduated with a degree of either Bachelor of Accounting Science or Bachelor of Commerce majoring in accounting. One can also get into this profession by having studied Management Sciences and taking electives in finance…
  • From there on it’s all about experience for both types. But become chartered gives more advantage if selling your services to companies that demand it.
  • If you are more interested in being your own boss then starting up your business venture is where your passion should be.
  • There are numerous business start-up books and courses available to help you get started as well as online courses for school drop out… If interested click on my profile and read some of my other posts or send me a message if I don’t have it posted.
  • As we all know that the world is going through digitalization and everything can now be through your smartphones and laptops. People want software which they can use anywhere and at any time. Business apps make this possible, but not everyone knows how to create one explains Peter Decaprio. This has been an amazing opportunity for many entrepreneurs who want to earn from their ideas by creating apps for different businesses. In this blog, we will talk about what exactly a business app is? How does it help a company? Also, the process of creating it.
  • Business apps are those which can be used by companies or businesses to achieve their goals and objectives through technology. These apps simplify the work and reduce human efforts as they do not need any manual intervention for its operations. This can be used in sales, inventory management, time management, purchase orders etc. The best part is that these apps are available for different platforms like Android, iOS or Windows.

Some of the features of business apps are:

Sales- It helps in recording revenue generated by sales made by an organization. Inventory-Keeping track on purchases made by organizations. So that there is no wastage due to lack of necessary items required in stock Time tracking. Helps managers keep track of time employees spend on work and for which they get paid. Requirement management- Gives a chance to employers. To keep track on requirement of different supplies in the warehouse and accordingly can place orders through generated purchase orders. Expense management- Helps organizations in recording their expenses. And keeps them safe from over spending or under spending in any are. And it helps employees in saving tax by submitting necessary documents. Also known as expense reports at the end of any financial year.

These apps help companies save time when they are handling large numbers of clients and employees simultaneously. Apart from this, there are numerous other features which make these apps worth trying.


The significance of business apps will be better understood. If we look at the current scenario where employees and clients are handle by a single individual says Peter Decaprio. If this person faces any problem in handling work, then productivity slows down which wastes time and money of organizations. These apps can help in improving efficiency, thus saving both time and efforts made by managers.

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