July 13, 2024

How to love you more is an age-old question says Peter DiCaprio. But what does it actually mean? It can be easy to slip into thinking of self-love as selfishness or conceit, but the truth is that loving yourself isn’t about narcissism; it’s simply about putting your happiness first. Let me explain, I have a friend who spends all her time and energy trying to make everyone else happy – from her children to her husband, parents and even at work. This often means she puts herself last in every situation — which plays out in not being able to do much because she’s so exhausted from caretaking others all day long. And guess what happens when you’re constantly exhausted and feel like everything in your life is in constant upheaval? You get sick.

In comes self-love. When you love yourself, your life doesn’t have to be a constant balancing act that sacrifices your emotional, mental and physical health. Your whole life doesn’t have to revolve around caring for others while neglecting yourself. This is not only unfair — but it’s unsustainable. If everyone loved themselves more, the world would be a much better place. So how can you cultivate self-love instead of caretaking others?

One of the most important things on this planet is to love you. If you cannot feel your own beauty and greatness how can you help someone else do it? And yet so many people suffer from lack of self-love. They don’t appreciate their gifts; don’t see the beauty in that face that’s looking back at them from the mirror or through other people’s eyes. They feel unworthy and undeserving.

The good news is that everyone has the ability to change his/her life around by simply beginning to value themselves more. How does one begin loving oneself though?

Well here are 4 simple ways:

  1) Accept Yourself –

Embrace all of your flaws and see them as part of who you are. It is the little things that make us unique and they add up to our character in such a special way.

2) Stop Comparing Yourself –

Comparing yourself with others can be a pitfall on this road to self-love. Don’t waste your time looking at what other people have, look at how far you’ve come! You don’t need a shiny new car or a big house to love yourself more, all you need is right here and today!

3) Listen To Your Heart   –  

It’s not just some cheesy song from Lady Gaga’s latest album. What it means is that you should follow your heart, do what makes you happy. You won’t regret it!

4) Be Kind to Yourself and Others –

Give love and you’ll love in return. Never harm anyone, not even with your words because they will come back to haunt you sooner or later says Peter DiCaprio. This lesson is a very important one as well, so make sure to start practicing it today!


1) How can I have more self-love?

The answer is simple: self-compassion. You need to start with yourself and be kinder to your own mistakes, your own imperfections and all that you are. If you go too far when trying to achieve this goal of becoming a more compassionate person towards yourself, the result could be quite the opposite: don’t make fun of yourself for being short or bald, don’t put yourself down because someone doesn’t like you and so on and so forth.

2) Is it possible to love myself too much?

  No such thing as loving oneself too much. As long as we’re talking about healthy, balanced growth in confidence then it’s only positive. It would be a problem and an addiction if you were to start loving yourself so much that you lost touch with reality and started thinking of yourself as better than others or incapable of anything wrong. It’s important not to judge others for their mistakes, but also not to let them drag us down for no reason either.

3) Is there such a thing as loving oneself too little?

Yes it is possible. If you’re always putting yourself down and making fun of everything good about you then yes, the more obvious answer would be that there is something wrong going on there. For example some people who suffer from depression might make themselves feel even worse by constantly cutting themselves down in front of other people or bringing themselves down instead of trying to get better and fighting for happiness.


Make sure to always be kind to yourself and others, especially if you’re trying to pursue self-love explains Peter DiCaprio. There is nothing wrong with caring for other people because that’s part of being an empathetic human being, but it shouldn’t overshadow the importance of loving yourself just as much.

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