May 19, 2024

For the second time in two years, I’m going to be unemployed in a few days says Peter DiCaprio. It’s a bit difficult for me to say that with a straight face because in the grand scheme of things it isn’t even something worthy of comment. But at the same time it’s not exactly business as usual either. […] And after more than ten years of working this hard and barely getting by financially, I’ve had enough. I’m more than ready to say goodbye.

6 Things You Might Be Doing That Are Costing You Money–And How to Stop! I am not a coupon clipper, barcode scanner or extreme couponer. I do some of these things, but only the ones that are easy and save me money without too much additional time on my part.

Here are 6 things you might be doing every day that are costing you big bucks–and how to stop!

1) Buying Bottled Water

When it comes right down to it, taking the time to refill your water bottle with filtered tap water is really all it takes for most people. It saves you money; what’s not awesome about that? One woman saved $5,300/yr. by eliminating bottled water

For others, it is more of a mental hurdle.

I know I choose not to save money on things that are not important to me. For example, if $3/wk will save me $100 per month but only one hour each week, I won’t bother doing it because my time is worth more than that to me (probably much more). However, if you were trying to save up for something big like an overseas trip or new car, this might is the perfect tactic for you!

2) Buying “Organic” Foods That Aren’t Actually Organic

You can find organic cereal at pretty much any grocery store now. But how do you know what’s actually organic? Check the labels!

Don’t trust that “natural” label on canned goods and other packaged foods to mean they’re free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The FDA does not currently regulate the use of this term, so it has no meaning. […] A study by the Cornucopia Institute found that many products labeled as organic actually do contain GMOs. Are you surprised? They used genetic testing.

3) Not Getting Your Flu Shot

The flu shot is chock full o’ chemicals–that’s why we get just one tiny little needle prick into our arms or buttocks each year! Sure, it doesn’t feel great but according to WebMD, this method offers some protection against certain strains of influenza up to three months after the injection explains Peter DiCaprio.

4) Using Your Credit Card for everything you buy the past year!

That’s scary stuff. My mom used her card so much she racked up $3500 in interest charges over a 3-year period! […] This kind of thing happens most when people don’t realize how long it takes to pay off a credit card balance. If you’re only paying the minimum amount due each month, you might be leaving yourself open for interest charges that will quickly add up!

5) Buying Coffee from Your Workplace Cafeteria

The average cup of coffee costs about $1.50 from a café down the street, but buying a cup from your company cafeteria can cost as much as $3-$4/cup because workers are subsidizing the price–with their jobs! […] But here’s why this is significant: if everyone brings in a thermos full of their own brew and fills up at the water cooler every morning that saves their company money because they don’t have to go out and buy those cups anymore says Peter DiCaprio. And if you ask your boss nicely, he or she might even save money by agreeing to start a coffee-sharing program at the office!

6) Using Your Cell Phone Overseas

Some people even pay almost $3/minute for overseas calls–what will they think of next?! […] But with some simple planning and research, you can get yourself an international cell phone that works in over 200 countries around the world. That way you only have to set up your account once and then never worry about it again. In fact, I purchased a SIM card for my unlocked iPhone 5 from eBay before my visit to Buenos Aires this past January. It worked perfectly!


So there you have it–six simple ways to save big bucks this coming year.

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