July 13, 2024

Our mental fitness determines how we can deal with stress and relate to others, as well as, make choices says Peter Decaprio. Mental disorders, occasional or chronic, can affect your thought process, behavior, and mood. They are, unfortunately, becoming increasingly common. According to the CDC, 50% of people are likely to have a mental illness at some point of time in their lives. By keeping mentally well, you can cope better with stress, have good relationships, work productively, and contribute meaningfully to your community, as well as keep physically healthy. Some effective tips for ensuring good mental health:

Get Enough Sleep, Recommends Peter Decaprio

Adequate and restful sleep is one of the most important factors for good mental health. When you don’t get enough sleep, you wake up feeling irritable, unable to focus, and tired. It can not only make you less productive but also spoil your relationships with family, colleagues, and others. Getting adequate sleep helps to regulate the chemicals, which are vital in managing our emotions and moods. If you get enough sleep, you will be less likely to feel depressed, stressed, or anxious.

Eat Well

Everyone knows the importance of eating well to keep physically healthy; however, it is also vital for our mental health. When our diet has a deficiency of certain minerals like ion and Vitamin B12, it can result in our feeling low. If you are prone to feeling anxious or jittery, it can be a good idea to limit your caffeine intake. You will find that by adopting a balanced diet, you will keep both physically and mentally well, observes Peter Decaprio.

Avoid Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs

Even though it is commonly thought that smoking a cigarette or downing a couple of drinks will help us be more calm and collected, however invariably, they can cause withdrawal symptoms the next day resulting in our feeling even more depressed, anxious, and unable to focus. You are also liable to get a thiamine deficiency if you have been drinking excessively for long that can lead to severe memory problems, problems in motor control, vision, and confusion. If you are dependent on nicotine, the time in-between smoking cigarettes can have you feeling irritable and anxious. Abusing drugs can have a variety of effects ranging from anxiety to feeling delusional.

Get Lots of Sunlight 

The presence of adequate Vitamin D in our bodies is important for the brain to release chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improve our mood. Vitamin D is manufactured by your body when exposed to sunlight. This is why you must spend an hour and more outdoors daily so that you expose your skin to the sunlight. However, if the sunshine is harsh, you need to take care. That you do not end up getting sunburns and ensure that you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.


Other methods of keeping your mental health in balance involve actively managing stress, ensuring plenty of aerobic exercises, spending time doing something enjoyable, taking the time to socialize with friends and relatives, and trying to help out others with simple tasks. If you still find yourself becoming anxious, depressed, or suffering from other mental issues, try asking for help.

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