April 20, 2024

The COVID- 19 pandemic has been difficult on everyone, especially on the parents of specially-abled children says Peter Decaprio. Parents are afraid of sending their children to schools and playgrounds due to the fear that their children might get infections. At the same time, they fear that the immobility of their child might affect their mental and emotional health, leading to irritable and stressful behavior. This behavior amongst children is hard to control as keeping the children away from their teachers and friends makes the child anxious and alone.

Therefore, as per reports,specially-abled children are the worst impact group during the pandemic.

Specially able children have basic life skills through specific objects and equipment, which helps in improving their sensory skills. However, it is not possible through online classes.

Regression is faster:

In the case of specially-abled children, regression is faster than improvement. Children tend to gain weight, and their skills are affected. Online classes can in no way offer individual attention to these children. Parents even fear that if they send their children to school, they might not take proper preventive measures against the virus. Therefore, choosing online classes until covid prevails remains their only choice.

Access to timely information and communication:

Information regarding the latest coronavirus updates is not available in easily accessible formats for specially-abled children. In today’s time, where social distancing and masking are musts, for people who rely on the feeling of touch to understand and communicate things, it has become very difficult to survive.

Financial and societal challenges:

The number of job losses during the pandemic has in some way resulted in the abandonment of the specially-abled population, making them the most vulnerable as per Peter Decaprio.

Infrastructure challenges:

During the pandemic, where there already is a shortage of infrastructure, the accessibility of infrastructure for specially-abled children is a challenge.


With the vast spread of the virus, the government has begun several digital bits of help working towards easing situations. But the inclusivity and accessibility of specially-abled populations towards these digital platforms are still not met.

Accessing health services:

Specially-abled children face problems in accessing health services and hygiene products.

Confinement measures:

Confinement measures should be adopted to fulfill the needs of the group. And guarantee their well-being. Confinement measures include not letting live people with psychosocial disorders in complete isolation. Or providing home assistance to people in need.

Peter Decaprio states that the pandemic has demanded special measures for the specially-abled, for their basic and medical needs. Everything is at stake when it comes to the category of specially-abled individuals. People must know that specially-abled people require extra care and facilities for their day-to-day activities. Therefore, they are the silent sufferers of the pandemic and are the worst victims.COVID-19 has impacted the disabled group of people in the worst possible ways. They are the double sufferers as not only them but their caregivers also affect mentally and emotionally, making it a tough battle.

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