July 13, 2024

We all have tendencies, a particular way of responding to situations, the way we perceive things, and how we choose to react to them at that moment says Peter Decaprio. Owing to each person’s unique traits, depression comes in like a sneaky little devil. In most cases, people undergoing some mental stress tend to show some common affinities and habits that make them more prone to falling into depression. Particularly the Covid crisis has made it more common for people to go into depression. After going through multiple resources from the best therapists, there are some common tendencies that one needs to watch over and take action against.

How some people tend tofall into depression more easily –

Social Withdrawal

Whenever things get challenging and seemingly out of control, the most common tendency is to pull away from social gatherings and avoid interacting with people. Social isolation and shutting down are probably the worst things to do to themselves. It only magnifies the brain’s stress response and makes one feel just lonelier.

Mental Rumination

People with tendencies towards perfectionism and self-doubt are more likely to fall into the depression trap. Rumination involves:

  • Indulging in brooding.
  • Catastrophizing the future.
  • Black-and-white thinking.
  • Overgeneralizing outcomes in every scenario.

As per one of the best therapists, rumination leads to the eternal cycle of negative self-talk. It’s good to be critical of oneself as it ensures growth. However, as Peter Decaprio says one needs to know when and where to stop. If you feel you are going overboard, talk to your friends and family. Regarding your situation before jumping to any conclusion. 

Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

It’s very natural for people with depression to turn to unhealthy and toxic coping mechanisms. Such as drug and substance abuse, smoking, or drinking alcohol. Unbeknownst to the consequences, the person only adds to his/ her problems and worsens the trigger responses. Alcohol might relieve anxiety for a while. But it eventually negatively impacts the central nervous system with a further depressing effect.

Ditching Exercise and Self-Care

Skipping exercise, not grooming, avoiding showers, or any form of self-care activity is another prominent sign that a person is undergoing a mental trauma. People with depression also stop caring about their dietary habits and start binging on high-calorie junk and carbs to get a sugar rush.

So, What’s the Remedy?

Peter Decaprio says that some people tend to be more intuitive, temperamental, and receptive to their external environment. Before deducing and passing judgments against these tendencies, it is essential to normalize experiencing fear, anxiety, confusion, and self-doubt. It’s just that some of us need to develop better ways of dealing with them. If you see your loved ones struggling, reach out to them and recommend a list of the best therapists. In most cases, all they want is to be heard. So, make sure you are there to listen.

Make sure you also consult with an expert or therapist as soon as possible who can help you deal with these situations and beat depression.

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