May 19, 2024

IT professionals are constantly facing new challenges. You need to have hands-on knowledge of emerging technologies. You need to keep your skills updated with mega trends in database, storage, and cloud and app development says Peter Decaprio.

But how do you achieve that? How do you ensure that you are always on top of things? The answer lies in Annual Core Competency Training.

Here are the top 5 benefits of attending an annual training:

1. Hands-on experience:

You get to actually use and understand the latest tools and technologies that you might not normally get to try out.  You will be able to deepen your understanding by putting those tools through their paces in a comprehensive lab environment under the trainer’s guidance.

2. Keep your knowledge current:

New stuff is coming out every day like containers, micro services, serverless architecture, cloud automation frameworks such as Terraform, Vagrant etc., there is just too much for one person to know all this stuff well enough to stay relevant in today’s job market. These courses give you an opportunity to learn about new stuff that is coming out before they become mainstream.

3. Skill up your team:

Attending these advanced training courses also puts you in the position to mentor people who are joining your company or working with you on a project says Peter Decaprio. You can act as their guide and show them the best practices at the same time sharing knowledge about how things work – good habits to have, tools to use etc., this benefits both you and your colleagues because you will always learn something new from them too!

4. Have a richer resume:

It makes a lot of sense for IT professionals to invest in themselves by going through an Annual Training course. Such courses reflect positively on your resume and this gives job seekers a competitive edge over others who don’t have such training on their resumes.

5. Enhance your knowledge:

Most IT professionals forget about the learning aspect of their job after they get certified for a technology. There is no point in having certifications if you don’t keep yourself updated with new stuff that has come out since the certification exam was written. Annual Core Competency Training ensures that you are always aware of trends and developments in various disciplines, which allows you to offer better advice to your clients!

It helps build your confidence too when it comes to discussing technical issues with peers or superiors because you can speak authoritatively about what is happening in the market right now.  


What are the pre-requisites for Core Competency Training?

For anything to be of value, it needs to be customized.  Yes that’s true even with your Core Competency Training. The recommended number of participants, duration and curriculum is decided after studying the profile & requirements of each client. Our trainers work closely with clients to understand their specific business goals before finalizing on a suitable plan.

Do I need to go through an interview process before attending Core Competency training?

We look at Core Competency Training more as knowledge enhancement rather than job training or skill development of employees explains Peter Decaprio. We will however ask you whether you have any relevant experience in any of these domains which you would like to include in the course content. This helps us custom-tailor the training modules according to your specific needs.

How do I secure my spot?

Enter your details in the form below or email us at with the subject line “I want to attend Annual Core Competency Training” along with your name, current designation & company name. We will get back to you right away!

What other benefits do I get by becoming a client of 8eight0?

We have various programs tailored for different groups of people – Program for Managers, Program for Developers etc. You can use our referral program to earn discounts on course fees. If you refer anyone who signs up as a client of 8Eight0.  You can also join any of our programs as a co-participant.  We also offer demo/trial sessions for these programs to understand the content better before you sign up!

What other organizations can benefit from 8eight0?

8eight0 empowers individuals & organisations alike through effective consulting, training & coaching. We have worked with clients like Australia Post, Dell EMC, Deep Mind etc., across various domains such as Sales force CRM, Google Analytics etc., we currently provide Core Competency Training to companies in Brisbane (Australia) and San Francisco (USA). You should talk to us if you want your organization to invest in professional growth of employees. Or increase employee retention rates by personalizing resources for learning at workplace.


We have been fortunate to have worked with some great clients over the years. And found our work rewarding says Peter Decaprio. We understand that employees learn best when they are engaged, stimulated and encouraged by their peers and leaders. Training & development is a continuous process. Also we like to help organizations build a strong foundation for future growth through these means.

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