June 15, 2024

When it comes to a business card, there is no such thing as an exact science for choosing the right design says Peter Decaprio. Nonetheless there are quite a few pointers that could help you make a good decision.

So here are 6 tips & tricks on how to find the perfect business card design for your business.

1- Know your audience

Knowing who you want to target with your card can help narrow down your search for the perfect business cards. Basic demographic questions like age range, gender and social status may not be enough though because these days’ people don’t usually share their social status in public so often this information is false. Keep digging until you get more specific information about your target than just age or gender e.g. hobbies, passion, what they do for fun or their favorite food.

2- Sticking with a color palette

Many designers will tell you that sticking to the same colors as your business is important because it helps create an image of professionalism and success, but sometimes using different colors can make your design stand out over everyone else’s cards. It depends on the type of card you are looking for. If you want something more classic go with monochrome cards where every single element including text is one dark color besides white background. But if you are looking for something more unique use bright, contrasting hues to draw people’s attention or gradient effects that mix two or more soothing hues together which give a sense of calmness and serenity.

3- Selecting the right shape

Different shapes can convey different messages. A little research about the meaning of various shapes in different cultures might help you find more suitable, universal shapes that will not stir any cultural conflicts. To keep things simple stick to these standard card shapes: Rectangle – formal, conservative and recommended for most business cards. If you want to be unique try using unusual sizes or simply adding a thin strip on one side of the card which makes it stand out from all others.

Triangle – modern & stylish but also adds a sense of excitement and movement which isn’t always good for a business card Triangular cards are usually used by companies with artistic background so use this one when going against the grain is actually what your company does best! Circle- this shape is good for everyone because it’s often associated with reliability, safety and integrity which are all desirable traits. Square- mostly used by lawyers or finance professions but can be adopted by anyone looking to make a bold business card statement explains Peter Decaprio. Avoid using square cards if you want something more subtle though!

Round corners are one of the most popular choices among business card designs not only because they are eye catching but also kid friendly unlike sharp edged cards that can easily cut delicate skin when left on a table or handed out carelessly. If you want to use them just bear in mind that rounded corners tend to get damaged easier than straight ones. So take this into consideration while ordering your cards.

4- Getting creative with layout & text

When designing your own business cards keep in mind. That you don’t necessarily need to stick to the industry standard and make a standard layout. Try playing around with different fonts, font sizes and even shapes of text. Basic formatting tools like bold or italics can help separate the important information from the rest. And make it stand out more as well as convey meaning through size differences for example. If you want your company name to be perceived as bigger than your contact info simply increase its font size.

5- Using photography & original graphics

Including photos on business cards is usually not something designers recommend. But now creating an identity has been taken over by lay people there are no rules anymore. Especially when going personal is what makes your brand identity. So which means including a photo is a good way to achieve this goal says Peter Decaprio.

Another way of making your card stand out is using graphic elements like badges. Stamps or graphics that convey the message about what you do in an original, artistic way. If you can’t afford expensive print ads use cards as a less expensive opportunity. To get your name and logo out there.

6- Using quality paper & printing

Using thick, quality paper shows how much you value yourself. But also the impression others will get about your business so springing for. It isn’t all that bad of an idea after all even though it might cost more than regular printer paper. Also keep in mind uncoated stock tends to work better. Because it’s easier to write on with marker pens otherwise go with gloss which is great for photos and vibrant colors.

When it comes to printing your business cards consider using a professional print service. Which, apart from making sure things will go smoothly will also give you the opportunity. To check out their online portfolio. There you can look through examples of previous work. And find inspiration or simply ask for advice before deciding on what style suits you best.


As you can see it’s not hard to make your business card stand out. All it takes is good design sense, creativity and the desire to express yourself. Through this small piece of paper explains Peter Decaprio. Business cards are still very much around so doing be afraid to use them. As an opportunity for self-expression because after all you never know who might pick up on it!

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