May 19, 2024

For many people, the thought of starting their own business brings to mind images of being stuck in a stuffy office all day or working long nights in front of a computer says Peter Decaprio.

But a home business can be a lot less stressful and a lot more profitable than working for someone else!

Not only that, but you’ll be able to spend time with your family, enjoy the comforts of being your own boss and have time to pursue other interests….all from the comfort of your own home!

Working from home is becoming an increasingly popular option as people look to balance their work life with their personal life. In fact, according to recent survey by Flex jobs, 70% of respondents said they would consider starting a new career path working from home. And why not? With advances in technology it’s never been easier to operate a successful at-home business. With high speed internet almost ubiquitous these days, working from home is a fast and efficient way to get things done.

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, but have been putting it off for one reason or another, here are 8 reasons why now is the perfect time to start a home-based business:

1. You’re Your Own Boss

Starting your own at-home business means that you’ll be the boss! There’s no need to report to anyone else or answer to somebody higher up…unless of course that’s what you want! As the boss, you’ll be able make decisions that directly impact your business such as who work with and where to advertise. If there’s something in particular you like about for someone else, such as their advertising or work ethic, you’ll be able to emulate that.

2. Make Your Own Hours

As a home business owner, you’re not going to have an assigned work schedule. Of course, if there’s a deadline for your project then it’s important to make sure you stick with it as promised. But as long as everything is getting done appropriately and on time, the structure of your work day will be up to you! That means even working from bed in your pajamas if that’s what works best for you’re at the time! Just remember…you’d probably rather has a steady paycheck instead of just a few bucks in your pocket. At least I would…

3. Start A Home Business Today – You Don’t Have To Wait!

There’s no reason that you have to sit around waiting until you can afford all the equipment and supplies need to run your business says Peter Decaprio. If you already have a computer and high speed internet, then there’s really nothing stopping you from jump starting your own home based business today! You’ll be surprised how many people will take advantage of this by purchasing items such as iPad or even other laptops on Craigslist or Gum tree for next to nothing. Then they’re off and running!

4. Your Home Business Will Only Expand As Big As YOU Want It To

The great thing about having your own at-home business is that it’s only limited by your imagination. There are so many different types of businesses that can be started pretty much from your living room. If you want to start a blog that focuses on specific area of interest, then do it! If you don’t have any interests but still see the potential for income generation, then go the e-book route. Whatever you decide, there’s no doubt that there are people out there who would be willing to pay for whatever knowledge or skills you have.

5. You Can Save On Child Care Costs

If you’re worried about day care costs for your child (ren), then starting an at-home business is perfect! Not only will they be able to stay home with you where they feel most comfortable, but the whole family can spend more time together…which I’m sure everyone could agree is priceless!

6. Work with Your Spouse

If you have a spouse or partner, why not pool your resources together and start a home business together? Doing so will cut down on startup costs and can provide invaluable support to one another says Peter Decaprio. Working with your husband or wife is also an excellent way for couples to spend more time together which everyone could agree is worth its weight in gold!

7. You’ll have More Freedom to Spend Time with Family and Friends

One of the great things about starting you own business at home is that it gives you flexibility when it comes to spending time with family and friends. If there’s something important going on in someone else’s life, then they need your help…or vice versa either way, this should be an amazing opportunity to really get out there and make new memories.

8. You Don’t Have To Worry About Dress Codes (Unless You Want To)

If you love outfit coordination, then starting an at-home business might be the perfect way for you to demonstrate your creativity! But if waking up early and getting dressed up isn’t your thing, then there’s nothing stopping you from working in pajamas…or nothing else for that matter! Just make sure it’s appropriate and comfortable and most importantly, makes sense for your business.


At the end of the day, starting an at-home business may not be 100% glamorous. But with the right tools and know-how. It can help bring in additional income for you and your family explains Peter Decaprio. As long as you’re willing to put in the work necessary. There’s no reason why you can’t see positive results right away. All I ask is that if this interests you then please shares this article on social media or wherever else you would like!

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