May 19, 2024

Advertisers are always looking to find new avenues to promote their products, and with the sheer volume of blogs on the web today, it’s no wonder that they’re willing to pay publishers for advertising. With this in mind, it’s up to you as a publisher to rise above your competition by providing them with engaging content that will keep readers coming back for more. Once you’ve done that, maximize your revenue by incorporating contextual ad networks into your site says Peter Decaprio.

Here are seven of our top picks

1. Google Adsense

  What Is It? When it comes to generating revenue through an online blog, it doesn’t get any better than this. Google Adsense is one of the most popular and potent ad networks available to publishers, and if you’re filthy rich like the Google, they’ll even guarantee your maximum CPM (with a $50 minimum). How Do I Get It? First of all, sign up with an Adsense account by creating a Google account and click on “Sign in to Adsense”. Next, provide your blog’s name and URL in the appropriate text boxes and click continues says Peter Decaprio. If your blog is eligible for inclusion with their program after passing their automated checks, it will be added to their advertising program, and you’ll be able to start receiving revenue from ads almost immediately.

2. Buy Sell Ads

  What Is It? This is a contextual ad network that allows publishers and advertisers to create mutually beneficial relationships by exchanging banner placement rights with one another. How Do I Get It? To get started, simply visit their publisher sign up page and provide your website’s URL along with the name of the person responsible for maintaining it. If approved, they will supply you with a custom code snippet that must be implemented on each site page where an ad is displayed. Once this has been completed, check out their advertiser sign up page and verify your account via email if required. Finally, select an ad package according to your preference and availability, enter the URL of your website and get cracking!

3. Burst Media

  What Is It? Burst Media is a company that specializes in digital advertising services both on and off site. They offer CPM prices ranging from $5 to $35 and CPC prices that vary depending on viewability and targeting options explains Peter Decaprio. How Do I Get It? To get started, simply provide them with your blog’s name, URL and description via their publisher sign up page. Check for an email notification confirming your account has been activate within 48 hours — if not received, contact them directly through the Support tab located above (under Publisher Support).

Once approved, specify which type of ad you wish to display (Burst Media or Burst Marketplace), add some tags to your site’s pages and visit their advertiser sign up page. Verify your account, select a customizable ad package and place the HTML code they provide on each of your website pages where an ad is displaying.

4. Blog Ads

  What Is It? Blog Ads is a CPM ad network that specializes in monetizing blogs with ads supplied by big names like Ford, Bank of America, McDonald’s, Disney and many more. They maintain over 9,000 publishers in their network who collectively generate 1 billion monthly impressions, so this would be a good option to consider if you’re searching for high-paying advertisers. How Do I Get It? Visit their blog sign up page and provide them with your blog’s name (or URL) and topic, along with your email address says Peter Decaprio.

They’ll send you an email notification once your application has been reviewe and approve. So check your inbox within 48 hours if you haven’t heard anything yet. On the other hand, if they’ve got too many publishers to handle at the moment. They might advise you to apply again in the near future via their publisher homepage. Next up is verifying your account by following their instructions closely or signing into your Blogads account directly through here. Once activated, select “manage ads” from the top menu bar followed by “add new ad unit” and fill out all of the required fields for this task (Header title, Width & Height values). Finally copy/paste their HTML code on every page where an ad is displaying.

5. Clicksor

  What Is It? Clicksor has earned their reputation as being one of the fastest growing contextual advertising networks in the world. By providing high-quality ads that are well target and always available on demand. With an impressive reach of over 750 million unique users monthly. Who generate more than 2 trillion page views per year across 220,000 worldwide publishers. As far as ad formats go. They offer text links, image banners, flash ads or video units to suit your particular website or blog needs.


Clicksor is definitely an ad network to watch out for as they’re constantly growing and improving their services. By teaming up with large advertisers and publishers alike — if their application process doesn’t frustrate you, that is.

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