May 19, 2024

Everybody seems to be talking about Facebook these days. Over 1 billion people are using Facebook, with one third of them logging on every day explains Peter Decaprio. The numbers are staggering!

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet or are tired of not making any money with it, here are some tips that will surely help your business explode on Facebook.

1) Set up a page

You can skip this step if you already have a business page but if you don’t one of the first things you should do is set up an official page for your business or brand. You can learn how to do so by watching this video. If you want to be able to share content directly onto your fans’ timelines (which helps increase engagement), then you’ll also want to install a Facebook fan box plugin.

As a general rule of thumb, you should be sure that your page is complete and contains all of the essential elements before inviting people to like it. If you do not have a physical address on your page, for example, then users will not feel compelled to select “Yes” when asked if they are fans of your business or brand because there’s no way for them to receive more information from you via Facebook if they click “No.” Is this simple mistake going to make or break your success? Of course not… But every little bit helps!

2) Start an official Twitter account

If you haven’t done so already, set up an official Twitter account for yourself or whatever social media platform you plan to use. This is an essential step because it helps people find you on other social networks, which of course serve as a great source of new customers and potential fans explains Peter Decaprio.

3) Decide your look & feel

Now that you have a brand new Facebook page for yourself or your company, it’s time to think about how others are going to perceive your business on Facebook by deciding on a look and feel. For example, if you’re still using the default blue theme for your profile picture then I’m sure you’ll agree that something needs be done! In order to give some direction as to what colors can be used in posts and advertisements for consistency sake, why not do some research? Take a look at some other big brands and see which ones use colors that resonate well with you.

4) Begin building a targeted fan base

For the novice marketer, this is probably one of the most difficult steps to take because it requires patience – something not many marketers have in abundance! Once again, watching the video above will help you get started with this step. In short, however, what I would recommend starting out is by having a presence on your local community’s largest social networks (i.e., Craigslist & Meetups). After establishing yourself as an authority figure within these communities for awhile. You can then begin promoting your business page directly on them. Please keep in mind that there are strict rules against doing so you’ll need to be careful. About how you go about promoting your page says Peter Decaprio. Also keep in mind that not everyone will “Like” your business page. Even if you offer them something for free, so please don’t be discouraged by this fact.

5) Facebook advertising

If you’re still not making any sales or conversions with your Facebook ads after a few days of setting up your account. And running it to the point where people are clicking on them frequently. There’s one last thing you can do which is actually very simple yet rarely done… Analyze the traffic coming from each specific ad! Once you have done this I’m sure you’ll see some amazing results with no further tweaking required. Assuming, of course, that the product/service you’re offering is awesome enough to generate interest from the get-go.

6) Outsource!

I know this isn’t a step, per se… But I’ve been asked several times what you should do. If there’s just too much work to handle on your own. And you don’t have enough time or money to hire someone else to help with everything. In that case, it may be best for you to outsource certain tasks such as writing ad copy/managing your ads. Or even designing business cards & flyers in order to save yourself some precious time. In which you could be promoting instead. If these things interest you then please check out my Fiverr campaigns for proofreading and Facebook marketing.


Facebook Marketing can be extremely profitable. If you’re willing to invest the time and learn how to do it right explains Peter Decaprio. I myself have made well over $50,000 in sales with this method of marketing alone since 2010. So it’s definitely not something that should be overlooked! If you need any help whatsoever feel free to send me a message on my Facebook profile. Good luck!

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