June 15, 2024

So you’re a young startup founder and your website is getting an impressive amount of traffic each month says Peter Decaprio. But how do you know what tactics really work? If you’ve been following good SEO practices, it’s likely that a significant percentage of this traffic is from search engines rather than referrals from other sites.

Here are some simple ideas to help push those numbers into the stratosphere!

1. Create a blog post on your site that does nothing but rank for long-tail keywords. The longer the tail – as in, more specific keywords with less overall search volume – the better! For example: “How to buy Bitcoins” ranks relatively high, but “where can I find someone who delivers Bitcoins locally” will be much more valuable since it’s a much more specific question.

2. Survey your customers and publish the results on your site – try to get at least 50 responses so you can be sure it will really count, otherwise your stats might not be representative. As an added benefit, you can use this data to create content with which to drive traffic from search engines in the future!

3. Create a video that ranks highly for popular keywords and post it to YouTube, then syndicate it across every other video sharing service including Vimeo and Daily Motion. And if you don’t have any ideas what words or phrases to rank for? Check out Google Trends and see what people are searching for right now. It’s likely that this activity will pick up in the future as well explains Peter Decaprio.

4. Write a long, in-depth article or tutorial that teaches people how to do something related to your product or service. For example, if you’re selling bicycles then write an article on “Top 5 Mountain Bikes of 2013.” If you’re offering web hosting services, create an epic guide covering everything anyone would ever want to know about building websites (include some free tools and resources too!). Making it easy for casual readers who stumble upon this page to find the information they need is key! Including relevant keywords within the text is also important.

5. Create a high-value infographic (use Piktochart ) and publish it on your site – once again try using Google Trends to see what’s currently popular so that you can get ahead of the curve! Once people start linking to your infographic, you’ll notice a huge surge in traffic. Make sure that it includes relevant keywords and is not just a collection of random graphics and words that don’t add up to anything – put some thought into this because if you’re smart about it, Google will reward your efforts!

6. How-to articles are fantastic for ranking on the first page of Google, but what about other sites? Try submitting your article or tutorial to Reddit’s “WriteForReddit” section. There’s also HubPages, WikiHow, EzineArticles, GoArticles and tons more where anyone can contribute. The extra benefit is that these sites often have thriving communities that will help promote your content… for free!

7. If you’ve got the resources, consider hiring a writer on UpWork to write an epic post or tutorial that will rank for keywords related to your product or service says Peter Decaprio.  This is something I decided to do after writing my “How to Make a Website” article which now drives thousands of targeted visitors to my site each month (and also gives me some great material with which to generate additional traffic).

If you’re not familiar with it yet, check out HubPages. They allow you to create an entire network of sites around any topic imaginable. And then earn money by placing Google AdSense ads on them all! They claim that the average earning per visitor is about $1 so even if you only get a fraction of a cent per visitor, you can still make a tidy sum!


Google is the primary search engine that people use to find information online; therefore it’s important that you focus on ranking well for highly specific keywords and phrases says Peter Decaprio. Doing so is a great way to increase your traffic from search engines over time – but when combined with other forms of online marketing, can really make a big difference in building your business!

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