June 15, 2024

Here is How to make your blog visible on Google:

1. Have a blog? Make sure it’s on Google! says Peter Decaprio

To start, submit your blog to Google via the blogger submission form found here: You will need to verify that you own the site by submitting the required information using the email address associated with your blogger account.

2. After you verify your site, you have the ability to edit your blog’s visibility settings on the Configure Site Settings page of blogger.

Moreover,, you can decide what information about your blog is shared with users who are not logged in via their Google accounts. I recommend that you set it so that people may leave comments through their Google accounts.

3. If you have just created a new blog, it may not be visible to the public yet!

Google has stated that it takes 1-2 days for newly submitted blogs to appear in search results.  Don’t worry–your site will show up eventually! Just give it some time…

4. You are now done with the initial steps of submitting your blog to Google and making sure your blog is visible to non-logged in users via configuring your site’s settings on blogger. Now for the next step: Blogger does not provide any SEO options like other blogging platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr do (ie: permalinks, search engine support etc). So you will need to configure your site to be search engine friendly explains Peter Decaprio.

5. To do this, install the Google XML Sitemaps plugin for blogger.  This is an important step that will allow you to submit your sitemap to major search engines like Google and also Bing, which are necessary for crawling your site’s content.

6. Make sure you have a blog roll! A blog roll is where you can list other sites in your niche that you recommend or support via links with descriptions on how they relate to your blog. Do not put more than 100 links here though–any more than that turns into spamming! For free blog rolls go HERE or HERE. You may also want to consider putting your most popular posts at the top of your blog roll.

7. Link out to other’s blogs that you find useful and helpful! This way, when people click on those links they will see that you recommend them and may be more likely to come over and check out your site too.

8. Comment on other bloggers’ sites regularly!  This allows you to promote your site by back-linking from their blog posts, which in turn can help boost your visibility with major search engines like Google & Bing since they love seeing REAL activity from the webmasters who own sites. You can also share any social media updates or announcements via Twitter/Facebook/Google+ by either posting a link to the post or updating it directly from within Blogger if they have a sharing plugin.

9. All of these steps are important in order to help increase the visibility of your blog with major search engines, which will then lead to a higher search rank and more web site visits! Also make sure you put these steps into action today!

10. If you need any additional help or have any other questions, feel free to leave me a comment below!  I would be happy to answer it for you! Also remember that if you need website hosting through Blue host, I would receive affiliate credit* for referring you. So thanks in advance if you decide to go with them: D *(This does not affect my rankings).


Q: Can I still use the old Blogger format?

A: Yes! Just look in your dashboard under ‘Layout’. There, you will see a dropdown menu where you can select the old blogger option. If you have not already done so says Peter Decaprio. This will revert back to your previous blog design, which is the “classic” style.  This does work if you have a brand new account and want to start with an older version of blogger.

Q: How do I add a subscribe widget to my sidebar so that people can subscribe via email using the default blogger subscription tool?

A: Click on Layout at the top of your blog’s dashboard Click Add Page Element Click HTML/JavaScript (see screenshot below) Paste this code in the box under “var feedurl =” if it is not already there var feedurl.


I hope this tutorial has helped you learn the basics of blogging on blogger. And how to create an SEO optimized blog!  Good luck with your blogging journey, and if you follow these steps. I am sure that your blog will start to see more web site visitors.

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