July 13, 2024

It is an understatement to say that Social Media Content Development agency companies are booming right now says Peter Decaprio. No doubt that the World Wide Web is evolving at a rapid speed, and Twitter, Facebook have become more than just means of communication. With so many people being active on social networks every day, it would be totally beneficial for your startup to implement some social media optimization activities in its growth strategy. However, there are still difficulties with promoting startups through various Social Networks which you need to consider if you work for an SME or want to start up soon.

These problems can be adequately addressed with following tips:

  • Have the idea behind your startup properly defined (What problem will your product solve? Who will buy it?)
  • Create short value propositions for your product
  • Identify target audiences for your startup. Focus on keywords, demographics, interests etc.
  • Define your goal/s
  • Consider Being Creative! Creative content is the key to successful social media promotion strategy. Be Unique! Try to stand out from the crowd. No one likes another regurgitated infographic or a story about how wonderful you are. Content has to be interesting, entertaining and informative at once. It has to make people click that little share button below the post in order to spread it over their own social networks which will lead to increased awareness of culture around your organization explains Peter Decaprio. Remember that there are endless possibilities of using Social Networks in order to prove your point if creativity is involved!!!   
  • Create your social profiles. Make sure they are filled out completely and correctly, with relevant keywords in bio section.
  • Participate on Social Media as a community member first before promoting your brand/product
  • Research other companies that operate in the same niche. What do they do? How often do they post? Why should people follow your profile instead of theirs? Try to understand their activities and analyze them fully. This should lead you to the answer of what it is that makes you different from other organizations which will help you define your own strategy for successful promotion…
  • Promote Incentives/Calls to action on your website. Invite users to subscribe for newsletters, download free ebooks etc.
  • Understand how hashtags and keywords work to find your target audience. However, don’t overuse hashtags and obscure your messages with too many keywords.
  • Monitor your online presence and social media impact through monitoring platforms like Google Alerts or Hash tracking.
  • Startups should establish a good relationship with their clients, the customers! Answer the posts swiftly, provide customers with customer care service (social media can also help them accomplish such goals faster). If you plan on promoting yourself as an expert in your niche, make sure there is at least one post about industry news/events per day on your profile!!!

This approach to marketing will allow startups to maximize the use of social networks for promotion of their brand/product by communicating efficiently with potential consumers while providing them with useful information and creating a positive public image.


Q: Is it time-consuming?

A: It depends on how often you want to do it. The more, the better. If you don’t have an SME budget, try to update your profiles at least twice per day and provide people with all the necessary information about your startup. You can even schedule social updates in advance through Hootsuite (it’s free).

Q: How much will I spend for this?

A: That’s a tough question as it varies depending on many factors such as quality of work, expectations from the client, etc says Peter Decaprio. However, if you plan on doing it yourself, invest in buying your own domain name ($10-$20), SEO friendly hosting ($3-$6), and purchase a subscription for one of the content distribution platforms like Stumble Upon or Reddit (Reddiquitte: Always upvote interesting posts, not just your own).

Q: Is this really worth it? Isn’t social media all about spending money to make new friends?

A: Not at all! If you interact with people on a regular basis and provide them with valuable information/entertainment they will follow you regardless of whether you have a product or not. You can attract people’s attention by being creative! There are many ways to achieve that… EXAMPLE: We managed to get over 10k views for a 50$ contest we held a few months ago.


We believe that social networks are the future of marketing. The more active you are online, the better your chances of achieving success says Peter Decaprio. If you would like to find out more about our services please contact us through the form on our website!

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