April 20, 2024

If done correctly, press releases can gain massive exposure, generate positive PR and also improve your search engine rankings says Peter Decaprio. When writing a press release, it’s essential to keep your target audience in mind. You must be able to pinpoint who will likely be interested in the material you are submitting.

Press Release Step 1: Focus on the Main Message

The main message should encapsulate what your organization/website is all about. Your headline should include keywords that describe exactly what you are releasing information about says Peter Decaprio. For example, if you were releasing news about an upcoming event at a local restaurant, consider using terms like ‘free’ or ‘anniversary party.

The main message of your press release should also contain three things: 

  • A strong opening line
  • The 3 W’s (when, where, who) and H (how, how much)
  • A call to action

Press Release Step 2: Include an Eye-Catching Headline

Include a strong headline that will strike interest with your readers. Make sure it is relevant; if your press release includes information about an upcoming event, be sure to include the name of the event somewhere in the headline. It should also be short and concise. Once you’ve got their attention with the main message you can go into further detail in the body of your press release. For example, “Free Anniversary Party at Local Restaurant”. You could also use numbers or dates for added effect; for instance “20% Off All Ice Cream until Mother’s Day”.

Press Release Step 3: Provide Background Information

Include background information to give your press release context, and provide more detail on why you’re releasing this information. Introduce the main players involved in the situation such as yourself or your organization – but do so with tact. There is no need to include personal biographical information, just include enough to establish who you are and why you are qualified to write about this topic. If there’s a lot of backstories involving many different organizations, individuals, or companies, consider summarizing it into a few brief paragraphs and then including links (with headlines/titles) that direct readers towards more detailed articles that can be found on your website explains Peter Decaprio. Make sure you’re not giving away the punch line; you want your readers to read the rest of your press release!

Press Release Step 4: Write a Memorable Lead

The lead paragraph should directly address what your organization does or the purpose of the press release. This will either be in the first or second sentence – it’s important to make this clear and direct while also injecting some personality into it. The beginning line should be catchy and grab the reader’s attention while providing enough detail for them to understand why they should continue reading, but not so much that it feels like you’re giving away the entire story (you want people interested!). For example, “As summer draws near, many families are eager to plan their trips to local theme parks.” You can then elaborate on this sentence by discussing some of the rides that are at the park, or maybe how it’s a great place for kids to burn off energy – but remember you’ve got to hold your readers’ attention!

Press Release Step 5: Connect with Your Readers

This is arguably the most important part of writing a press release. Here, you must convince your readers that there is value in reading the rest of the content you write. If they’re not convinced now, people will stop reading and move on to another article (or website). Be sure to list all of the good things your organization/website offers; include details about yourself or who you help/serve if it helps support what you do. Of course, along with this information, describe why it’s beneficial to the reader. For example, “For instance, you could be saving yourself hundreds of dollars on your upcoming summer trips by using our exclusive coupon code.” You can then include a link that directs readers towards a page where they can sign up for your email list to receive coupons regularly.

Press Release Step 6: Close with a Call to Action

This is what many people will end up clicking if they’re interested in what you have written. This is also known as ‘the hook’; here, try and mention how signing up or contacting you will help them out somehow – offer specific details about how readers might benefit from taking this action. Make sure whatever call to action you choose relates directly back to what you wrote about. For example, “For those of you who want more information regarding how to sign up for our email list or obtain a coupon code, we’ve included some links below.”


After reading this short guide, hopefully, you feel ready to write your first entry! However, if you’re still feeling overwhelmed by the entire process and want someone else to do all of the hard work for you – we can also help!  At Emergence Media, we specialize in writing engaging and informative articles and blog posts on behalf of other companies and organizations. Peter Decaprio says Our team delivers high-quality content that is specific to your industry and will help drive traffic back to your website via social media networks such as Facebook & Twitter.

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